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Rainy season activities - Bengaluru

Generally outdoor activities are restricted during rainy season.  Bangalore rains are never consistent. It rains in one part of the city and dry in other parts. Traffic jams are big problem during rainy season. People generally restrict themselves from going out and staying inside during rains. However there are some activities which are enjoyable during rains, which I have listed below.

53 Weekend activities Within Bangalore City

Bangalore is a happening city. There is a lot of activities , attractions and Things to do within the city limits. You will not have a boring weekend ever if you plan it well. Below I have listed 53 different kind of activites and attractions in Bangalore. Some of them are commercial but worth exploring. The list will keep growing. You can even combine activities if they are in same area. I have tried to restrict myself as much as possible to things within the city limits. However some excursions are so close I thought they are worth mentioning below. 

Ulsoor Lake - Park and Boating with Dinner

Boating at ulsoor lake is easy and enjoyable. Not only that its also affordable. Its open from 10 AM To 6 PM and Cost per head is around Rs.35/-. Lake is reasonably clean or dirty whichever way you look at it but the boating is enjoyable especially around the sunset time.
Ulsoor lake is situated right in the middle of bangalore city centre. Weekends with your fiancee , wife is enjoyable. It also has an attached garden and Children's park. The parking space is limited, but you can park around on road.  A car/bike ride at late night is the best part here.

Visit to Mantri Square - India's largest mall

On Saturday we decided to goto Mantri Square which is India's largest mall.  The thing to be noted is that it is definitely a great mall with lots of shops and lots of options.  The flip side is reaching Mantri mall is extremely difficult and usually during evening times there is lot of traffic jam due to thousands of mall visitors.

Bangalore City tour - All key things in one day

Bangalore has plethora of things to do. Its usually impossible to decide what one can do in a day. Even if you take the KSTDC day tour, you will not be able to see all the important points. Following is an attempt to make an itinerary for people visiting Bangalore and wanting to see the key attractions in one day.
First start your day very early and preferably start from your house at 7 AM.
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