Nandi hills - 4 secrets

 What is the secret to enjoying Nandi Hills? The secret is to get there before sunrise, see the spelindid view of sunrise and then go bird watching on the hills. Ever thought about this plan? You can enjoy the cool weather of the hills and it seems like you are on one of the top hill stations in India.

Nandi Hills

So how do you enjoy the sunrise at Nandi ? The answer is simple arrive a day before sleep there so you can get up early . Since Nandi hills ticket window opens at 6 AM , so unless you are coming in winter driving before sunrise is not an option.
Second secret to enjoying Nandi hills which most people are not aware of is during rainy season. Once when we were going there it started raining and we actually went above the cloud while climbing the steep in our car. Then on top we had refreshments in Mayura hotel  and the view was marvelous. We could see the cloud cover and beyond some point we could see the land. The hill top popups like an iceberg out of water. Then suddenly the clouds started moving and within seconds there was a clear view. It’s a good point to see sunset due to the 360 degree view it offers.

Nandi HillsNandi Hills Nandi Hills Nandi Hills

Third secret is that Nandi hills offer paragliding. Visit for more information.
Fourth Secret – For people who want exotic weekend you can choose to stay for a night at Silver Oak Farms. Lots of good stuff there but its expensive. They are actually not on Nandi hills but its the same hill view. Check this travelogue for more info

Nandi hills is crowded on weekends and most people would come during the day time. Nandi hills is also a great place for trekking, you can see scenic views as you trek. Especially for people who want to do short treks of 3 to 7 Kms.



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How To Reach: 
The route information in google maps is accurate and you can clearly see the directions.
Bangalore to Nandi Hills directions->  From Hebbal flyover take NH7. You will pass the BIAL flyover  and after around 10 Kms take a left diversion . You will see a signboard "Nandi Hills 22 km". There is another left just before it but that leads to a factory. Around 7 km after the BIAL flyover towards Nandi hill across the highway, you can see a fort / birth place of Tippu Sultan.
Public Transport
To Nandi Hills.

Chikballapur - 7.15 AM Chikballapur - 3.15 PM
Bangalore (via Chikkaballapur)-7.30AM Bangalore (via Chikkaballapur)-4.00PM
Bangalore (via Doddaballapur)-8.30 AM Bangalore (via Chikkaballapur)-4.30PM
Bangalore (via Chikkaballapur)-9.30AM Doddaballapur - 4.30 PM
From Nandi Hills to various locations.

Chikballapur - 6.00 AM Bangalore (via Devanahalli) - 12.30
Chikballapur - 8.00 AM Bangalore (via Chikkaballapur)-4.30PM
Chikballapur - 10.30 AM Bangalore (via Doddaballapur) - 5.30 PM
Doddaballapur - 11.00 AM Bangalore (via Chikkaballapur) - 6.30 PM
Where to Stay: 
There are well-furnished bungalows but not so clean, for reservation contact: DIRECTORATE, Horticulture Department, Lalbagh, Bangalore. Phone:080-26579231 or 080 6672231 (Between March 15th to July 15th) OR SPECIAL OFFICER, Nandi Hill Station, Chikkaballapur Taluk, Kolar district. Phone: 08156-2678621 (Between July 16th to March 14th).
KSTDC Mayura Pine top Hotel is also an option in some ways better than 1st option. The rooms are very basic , but it’s not too bad for 1 night. Contact KSTDC (HO). Phone : 2212901 / 902 / 903.
Another option would be to stay at Silver oak Farms. Silver Oak is an eco-friendly farm on ten acres of fertile land, located on the early slopes of the famous Nandi Hills. The location is picturesque and you can enjoy the  birds and 'sublime mornings and sunsets.
Best time to Visit: 
Mornings, Rains, Winter
Scenic views, Short treks, Vineyards, Sunrise, Sunset,
Too many monkeys on the hill. They steal eatables even from hand. Likewise there are many dogs, so be careful. Avoid visiting in summer during noons, it can get really hot. In case of Flat tyre, there is a puncture repair shop at base of nandi hills. Mobile 98809 27002.