Wonderla on Sunday with Parents - Review

Wonderla is an amusement park near Bangalore. Its on Mysore Road. You will see signs of Wonderla and its around 2 KMs from Mysore Road. We decided to goto Wonderla Mid-March on Sunday. There is heavy rush on Sunday but its okay since the park remains open upto 7 PM.  The weather was very hot around 35 to 36 deg C. We packed some Clothes for water ride and Took One umbrella for hot sun. It was my wife, daughter and Parents around 72 years. Initially we thought that the parents may not have much to do , but we were wrong, there are many things in wonderla for Senior citizens and they were enjoying as much. Though they did not take any High Thrill rides or Jump into Water Rides, still the remaining things were quite good.

We were wondering if Saturday or Sunday would be a good option, I think , both days are crowded, but if you have a choice pick Saturday, there will be slightly less crowd. If you are going in summer vacation then pick a weekday.


  1. First you should carry cash for tickets in wonderla, or better book tickets online. There is heavy rush for Credit / debit cards and even to withdraw cash from ATM during ticketing hours. Student discounts are only if you come through school / college and not given otherwise.
  2. There is enough parking space, we did not have any issue with parking our car, there is no shade its all open parking. But reach there before 11 AM. Else you will be scrambling.
  3. Another good thing about wonderla - All eatables and items are sold AT MRP. which is a huge plus and you will not have to pay anything extra for eatables so dont worry about hiding things in your purse and getting through.
  4. When you enter Wonderla you will see most people will Rush for Changing rooms and lockers near the exit, In my opinion its not required if you are going to enjoy dry rides first. There is another changing room and locker just near the Wave pool. Check the map of wonderla.
  5. When going to parks like wonderla , there is a tendency to take lot of high thrill (HT) rides. Becareful. High thrisll rides can quickly make you tired. Make sure there is enough time gap between two high thrill rides.
  6. Souveneir photos are not expensive. Around Rs. 80/- Make sure you pose well for the rides where they take your picture.
  7. Take some dry rides before you plunge into water.
  8. Kid rides do not have any rush. Your kid will enjoy lot of kiddie rides
  9. WonderLa has a Prayer Room, so carry your stuff for Afternoon Prayers.
  10. Take Slippers so that after you change your clothes for water rides, you can move around the park without shoes.

About the rides

  1. We started of with WonderLa Bamba - Even though its HT it was not bad as its only 60 secs. My Dad also enjoyed.
  2. Next Crazy Wagon, and after that my kid took few rides. Then my wife and daughter went for crazy cars. - Ladies and Kids Section.  It had almost no Q and they enjoyed it.
  3. Termite section has Train and Rollercoaster. Its fun and my parents were able to sit for both of them. Some queue for roller-coaster.
  4. Next we took the Dungeon - This was one of the best rides. Its safe for Old people and quite enjoyable. We took the picture as sovenier from Dungeon. You basically site in a trolley and it takes you around the Dungeon. My daughter enjoyed kiddie rides around dungeon.
  5. After that we saw Cine 3D. It was good as the seat would shake as it take you through 5 mins show.
  6. There is moonwalker and Jumping frog near Cine 3D which is good for Kids.
  7. We had some lunch at Pizza corner and then proceeded to Equinox our second HT ride. This ride has a high point which is really scary its for around 20 seconds or so. otherwise its quite enjoyable.
  8. The best thing we liked about Wonderla is the Sky Wheel. Again something Parents can enjoy. 13 floors on the top and then in the Sky Wheel. The view is breath taking. We were there for quite sometime and there are benches on top to sit. My parents went there again in evening too.
  9. Sat few mins at friendly fish and then went for Cable Cars. There was min rush there. so we took the ride 3 times , again good to enjoy panoramic view and good for Senior Citizens with multiple health problems
  10. My daughter and me went to Lazy River and then Wave Pool  and the Water Play Pools for around an hour and half. The water is dirty in all places, but that is the best that could be done in Water starved bangalore city. Wave pool had heated water, but not in Lazy River. It feels quite code if you are in shade after water ride , even though it was hot and sunny.  Did not go for banded Kraits and similar rides as there is long queue for all.
  11. Near the Wave pool, there are lot of eatery outlets, including Bread Omlet, Dosas, Idlis, even a Veg Restaurant. There is Wonder chicken near Equinox which serves Halal Chicken. Overall The eateries are quite good in Wonderla and cost effective. Having a hot Bread Omlet and Tea after coming out of Wave pool is a delightful experience.
  12. XDMAX is another attractions which has multiple dimensions , - 3D Vision, Sound effects, Bubbles, Smoke, Shaking seats, Vibrating seats, Water Sprinkling etc. Hence the name XD Max. This 15 min show is must see, but the timings are limited . last show in morning is at 1:40 PM and after that it starts 5:30 PM. , 20 mins gap between the shows. Both XD Max and Cine 3D has cartoon show with effects. This is another one we liked a lot.
  13. We went for DropZone and Techno Jump. both were quite okay and enjoyable.
  14. Did some net walking , med tough but good photo opportunity and a unique experience.
  15. Finally we took Wonder Splash before leaving which we regretted, as it totally drenches you in water. Its good  if you are wearing water park clothes, there was long queue and took us 30 mins to come out

It was 6:30 PM in the evening and we took some final pictures and then headed back home after a enjoyable day at WonderLa.  Water in all water rides is dirty but that is the best the park can do in Bangalore where there is scarcity of water. I am sure they filter the water but there is just too much crowd and it becomes dirty very fast. Maybe once the rain comes and they do rain water harvesting , you may get clean water.

Checkout the website for more attractions which you can take.