Bangalore - One Day Weekend Trips - 150 KMS and beyond

I will not be giving the details of all the places, but some ideas for One day trip around bangalore. Especially when you only have Saturday or Sunday at your disposal and cannot afford the night stay.

The distances are from South Bangalore so do add 20 KMs to the distances.

  1. Nandi Hills - Just  60 Kms from Bangalore, and inspite of all the crowd and monkeys, its still a good place to visit , especially during light rains, monsoon. Monkeys do play spoit sport here. The view is good and more importantly its very close. There are some secrets to enjoy this place, check  it out here
  2. Ramanagara, which was portrayed as the famous Ramgarh in Sholay, is about 50 km from Bangalore. There are huge rocks and boulders  If you have seen the movie sholay, you already know what to expect, Good terrain for trekking and other adventure activities such as high rope traversing, rappelling, rock climbing etc.
  3. Nrityagram Dance Village - 50 kms . The place name is Hessaraghatta, check the directions in google map. 1.5 hours Bangalore city. You can explore some attractive country roads, farms, open grassland etc. that are spotless, rambling, and appealing. This village is an eye candy, due to village ambience like sludge buildings built in an exceptional design with confined materials and village style. The best place to enjoy the different styles of classical Indian dance at a nominal fee is Nrityagram. Do visit the Taj Kuteeram Hotel. This hotel is known for its hospitality, tasty food and open-air restaurant.
  4. Sivasamudram 122 Kms - You can find the travelogue here. Its a waterfalls and great to visit after rains Sept - Oct timeframe. There are more waterfalls around Sivasamudram, Barachukki , Gaganachukki falls. 
  5. Anthargange Adventure trip  beautiful rocky hill range is situated at about 1226 Meters (4021ft.) high in Kolar district Around Bangalore. This has lots of caves formed out of small rocks. Anthargange is good place for adventure based team program, there are more than 5 to 7 villages with lots of water, available throughout the year on top of the hill range. This hill range is with huge volcanic rocks and boulders scattered all over. There are thorny shrubs, which cover the hill. There is dense plantation forest at the base. Anthargange is the best getaways from Bangalore for light trek, rock climbing, trekking in Bangalore and other adventures in Bangalore. The big and small boulders have heaped to form cave like formations. These caves will keep you busy in exploration activity. Check this page for more info
  6. Savandurga is an adventurous spot and is located 60 kilometers from Bangalore on the Ramanagaram - Magadi road. Regular Savandurga trekking, rock-climbing and leisure camps are conducted on the outskirts of the weekend getaways in Bangalore.  Here we can see the thrilling adventurous activities. The people, who love climbing, will have fun in climbing in Savandurga. Here you can enjoy hill climbing and rappelling. Then you will get the advantage of exploring the cave which is the main attraction for the visitors. It is a beautiful place surrounded with lots of greenery. It has rich medicinal value plants and is also a house of deer, panthers, and snakes and is a very popular place for bird watching. This is the best place for one day outing Bangalore. This is a monolithic peak famous for Rock Climbing. It is said to be among the largest monolith hills in the world. Rock climbing is great as a hobby and we say it's even better than visiting the gym. Check this page for more infor
  7. Mekedatu     80 Kms    - Gorge around bheemeswari River. This is a beautiful place to be, but beware of monkeys. You can go upto the river and then you have to cross the river and there is a bus which will take you the last mile or so to the mekedatu gorge. Its a pleasure to sit there for couple of hours, watch the water gushing, then you can trek along the river side which is another great experience and back to where you started.  If all goes well then you can reach home before sunset. 
  8. Bheemeshwari - Picnic / river - 92 kms.  Another good place, though not well developed. There are jungle lodges resort here , which has some great activities and worth the visit. But the catch is you have to book in advance and its generally full. They charge around 1700/- per person including food/tea. If you dont get something in jungle lodges , then get your own food, cross the river in coracle , they will charge around Rs. 40 per person for round trip. Spend few hours on the other side of bank where its nice and quite. Eat your food and then head back to home.  For those who know swimming, you can also swim in the river. 
  9. Siddarabetta is around 95 Kms  is a rocky hill 3660 feet above sea level. The temple and caves are the main attractions of this region.Lakshmi Cave is one of the main attractions, which is more than  1 kilometer deep and a visit to this cave is an adventure in itself.
  10. Mysore        140Kms . I have alread posted a detailed information on this blog on how to cover mysore in 1 day.
  11. Hogenekkal   - Waterfall, river - 160 kms This used to be one of the great place to visit, you have waterfall and river here. But off late there is just too much crowd here, difficult to find parking and obviuosly dirty too. TN govt has tried their best to maintain the place. You will have to walk a 1 Km or so after parking. You can see the beauty of the falls in coracle ride. Ensure that you wear a life jacket, because its not very safe. Inspite of all the crowd and dirt, it still one of those places you may want to visit just once and get the flavor of river, falls and gorge. 
  12. Yelagiri     - Hill station - 152 Kms The only thing to see here is the Yelagiri lake and paragliding and the drive itself to Yelagiri which has hairpin bends and good views along. This is a chillout place, just drive slow, enjoy the journey spend few hours in Yelagiri and come down. Some good views of hills can be seen. Though this is far from being great destination. You can enjoy more when there are clouds / light rain. Checkout the paragliding information Attractions include artificial lake-cum-park (Punganoor), Jalagamparai waterfalls, and Telescope viewpoint.  
  13. Yercaud      - Hill Station - 225 Kms  It would take around 4 to 4.5 hours to reach yearcaud, so around 9 hours of your day time is lost, you will have to start around 5 AM, reach there by 9 AM, do sight seeing visit pagoda point, , lake etc and then start back to bangalore around 5 PM or so or just after watching the sunset.  This place even though its called poor man's ooty can give you some breathtaking views during light rain / or cloudy weather.  However you may want to avoid during peak rainy season. The place is nice and quiet but it may not be worth the effort for day trip. However checkout the pictures in google and decide for yourself. 
  14. The Rappa, Hassan.  210 KMs, This place has ecolodges and its fun to spend the weekend there. Not sure if this can be a day trip, since the main attraction is staying there for night in cottages. 
  15. Sakleshpur - 240 Kms 4 hours. I was searching for day trip options and came across this place which is so good and great to spend the night Its one of the top rated resorts in that area. Advance book will be needed and generally full on weekends. But worth checking out.  No noise, no pollution and most importantly no cellphone. Amongst the other highlights are the grasslands and meadows here which are seldom found do accessible else where. 

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