Bangalore to Chennai Road condition and route

We had to travel to Chennai in Sept 2015 for some personal work. We generally take the train or Volvo buses, this time we decided to drive in our Swift ZXI car. We started off in morning at around 8:30 AM.  Our house is close to NICE road junction so we are quickly able to escape the city traffic. We were on Hosur road by 9:00 AM and were cruising out of the city. It was a public holiday so we did not get much traffic on our way out of Bangalore otherwise it would have been 15 to 20 mins extra in trying to reach Hosur. 

Sakleshpur - Green Paradise . Really.

Sakleshpur is a hill station around 250 KMS from Bangalore . It recieves highest rainfall in the region due to which its green almost throughout the year. The true beauty of Sakleshpur can be explored in Oct to Jan timeframe which is just after the rains are over. Weather is good throughout the year and its neither very hot or very cold. In winter you will have to carry sweaters, jackets etc. Sakleshput is surrounded with lofty green hills (of western ghats) full of coffee, cardamom, pepper and areca plantations. The sheer Bio-diversity of the region will excite you.


Rainy season activities - Bengaluru

Generally outdoor activities are restricted during rainy season.  Bangalore rains are never consistent. It rains in one part of the city and dry in other parts. Traffic jams are big problem during rainy season. People generally restrict themselves from going out and staying inside during rains. However there are some activities which are enjoyable during rains, which I have listed below.

53 Weekend activities Within Bangalore City

Bangalore is a happening city. There is a lot of activities , attractions and Things to do within the city limits. You will not have a boring weekend ever if you plan it well. Below I have listed 53 different kind of activites and attractions in Bangalore. Some of them are commercial but worth exploring. The list will keep growing. You can even combine activities if they are in same area. I have tried to restrict myself as much as possible to things within the city limits. However some excursions are so close I thought they are worth mentioning below. 

Waynad - A fantastic trip


Here is my Travelouge, of Waynad in Oct 2009. Day1: Left Blore 6:10 AM, reach mysore 8:15 AM had breakfast in some hotel there. Headed to Wayanad from there. Roads where good almost entire way. After Mysore it was only 2 lane road. It was raining but that did not slow us down. Total distance to Wayanad would be around 290 kms.Upon reaching the border of Kerala (Wayanad) you will start seeing good greenary, and bamboo plantations. Stop there take some pics.

Ulsoor Lake - Park and Boating with Dinner

Boating at ulsoor lake is easy and enjoyable. Not only that its also affordable. Its open from 10 AM To 6 PM and Cost per head is around Rs.35/-. Lake is reasonably clean or dirty whichever way you look at it but the boating is enjoyable especially around the sunset time.
Ulsoor lake is situated right in the middle of bangalore city centre. Weekends with your fiancee , wife is enjoyable. It also has an attached garden and Children's park. The parking space is limited, but you can park around on road.  A car/bike ride at late night is the best part here.

Chikmagalur for a Mesmerizing weekend

Chikmagalur was a long awaited trip. I was mesmerized by seeing the  pictures of lush green shaved mountain ranges and wanted to visit there.   We had planned a trip in 2011, but we could not get a homestay in Chikmagalur so we had to goto Kudremukh instead. This time also getting homestay booking was a challenge, but I managed to get a booking in Thanamaya Homestay.

Wonderla on Sunday with Parents - Review

Wonderla is an amusement park near Bangalore. Its on Mysore Road. You will see signs of Wonderla and its around 2 KMs from Mysore Road. We decided to goto Wonderla Mid-March on Sunday. There is heavy rush on Sunday but its okay since the park remains open upto 7 PM.  The weather was very hot around 35 to 36 deg C. We packed some Clothes for water ride and Took One umbrella for hot sun. It was my wife, daughter and Parents around 72 years.

Day Picnics to Resorts around Bangalore

I was searching for some good resorts which are not too heavy on pocket yet they provide a good day outing on Saturday and Sunday. Depending upon your mood you can select from any of these below. I am sure reading the description below you will find the right one for your weekend getway trip from Bangalore

I have given the website details below, so you can visit for more details. This will help you cut through the crap of 100s of available resorts and quickly decide on the best ones. 




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